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The Living on Purpose Podcast

Aug 3, 2021

Have you ever felt stuck in a good-girl cycle of shame? Doing the things you “should” and what is expected of you, only to end up disconnected from your own body and your own truth? In today’s episode, I have a powerful and vulnerable conversation with Demri Rayanne - multi-passionate creative and recovering good-girl - about how we can empower ourselves and other women to step into our truth, free our shame, and own who we truly are! 

We dive into:

  • Demri’s religious upbringing, body shame, and breaking free from her good-girl conditioning! 
  • Why setting boundaries is essential if you want to live purposefully and truthfully
  • How Demri’s career had taken off since she shifted her brand (and why she did it!)
  • Some powerful stories from Demri about sexual shame - and why it’s SO important for us to empower our girls from a young age
  • And more!

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